How to Improve Business English Writing Skill Fast? See The Tips Here!

Business English is one of the skills needed in today’s global competitive era. For this reason, the young need to improve their business English skills so that they will be more ready to compete with competent people coming from different states. By mastering this skill, you can establish communication and cooperation with competent business people from abroad easily.

In the business world, people often communicate in a written way by using English. For this reason, all businessmen should be able to improve their writing skill. To achieve it, you can learn independently by utilizing the sophisticated technology or following a business English course provided by certain institutions.


The Ways to Improve Business English Writing Skill

Writing skill in business English is one of the keys to succeed in communicating between two parties, especially in written communication for business purposes.

Master writing techniques in business English to attract clients

Master writing techniques in business English to attract clients

Thus, no wonder many businessmen are searching for ways to improve their business English writing skills. If you are interested, you can see the following ways to upgrade your writing skill. Here we go!

  1. Business Email

Keep in mind that the receiver of your email can be the super busy person or the one who often receives a lot of messages every day. For this reason, you need to write your email clearly and briefly, but it should be an actionable message. Don’t waste your space in your message only for greeting or writing intricate contexts that are not really important. You should write short paragraphs that are understandable and readable.

Start your email by writing the title or the subject of your email. Write the subject with eight to nine words in maximum, and ensure that the words you use can attract the reader’s attention. For example, Meeting at 09.30 AM for All Employees, Conference Room. These words refer to an important situation so that the receiver of your email will open your message immediately.

You can write the meeting details or other important things in the body of your email briefly. They must read your body email soon after seeing the subject of your message. It’s brief, clear, and informative, isn’t it?

  1. Business Letter

Business Letter is one of the most formal communication methods in the business world. Here you can see what you need to pay attention to when you want to write a business letter for your clients or colleagues:

  • Make sure that the English format in your writing is correct. In other words, you need to write the letter following the rules of writing a common formal letter.
  • The content or the body of the letter should be formal, but friendly, and it should cover the purposes of why the letter is sent.
  • End the letter by using any words that can persuade the receiver to search for detailed information about the message. In this case, you can include your website, email, or contacts that are responsive.
  1. Writing to persuade

Almost all writings issued by companies, whether in the form of letters, emails, or advertisements, must be aimed to persuade people to use the products or services being offered. Absolutely, you need to keep practicing your writing skill so that you can make persuasive sentences that can interest people to use your product or service. Although the aim of the writing is to persuade the reader, you have to ensure that it still remains flexible and unique.

Start your writing by outlining all issues that can be solved by using the services or products of your company. After that, discuss the existing issues in clear and brief paragraphs. Lastly, you need to give your suggestion or solutions toward the issues being discussed by using your service or products. Don’t forget to write your company contact that can be called for dealing with those issues.


Learning Business English? You Must Avoid These Common Mistakes!

In using business English terms, accuration is very important because a small mistake can affect the business you are growing.