English Course in West Jakarta

Are you looking for an English course in West Jakarta? Are you looking for online or offline English training? English Today has the best solution for you. During the pandemic of Covid 19, the option to learn English online has become more popular and many people think that online English training is not only affordable but also more effective than face-to-face classes.

English Today also provides offline classes as usual. However, in this article, we would like to discuss online English training programmes. Whether offline or online English training, we always maintain our commitment to provide you with highly-qualified English tutors who are able to customize a learning program which suits your needs. Here are some English learning modules that we offer:[/vc_column_text][sc_list]

  • English Conversation Module
  • English for Presentation and Public Speaking Module 
  • Business Writing Module 
  • Socializing Confidence Module
  • IELTS Preparation
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Private Online and Offline Classes 

Choose your Schedule 

Do you want to study English in the morning, midday or after office hour? How many times a week would you like to learn English online? Most of our participants choose to learn twice a week or three times a week. What day would you like to learn English with us? Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays or maybe you would like to learn English with English Today Online every weekend. With our private online and offline programs, you can choose day and time of your private lessons and if you would like to change the schedule, let us know.

Choose your English Tutor 

Would you like to learn English with a local teacher, a native teacher or would you like to choose a combo class with 50% with a local teacher and 50% with a native teacher?

Choose Your English Learning Program

You can easily choose your English learning program which suits your needs and wants such as:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • English for Presentations 
  • Business Report Writing
  • Socializing Confidence
 Reverse 80/20 

English Today uses revolutionary English teaching method, the Reverse 80/20 which emphasizes on giving 80% speaking time to each participant in each class so that you’ll be able to boost your English speaking confidence in less time with the help of our world-class English tutors.

Grade A English Teachers

English Today maintain its commitment to provide you with Grade A English teachers who have been teaching English for more than 10 years. Even many of our English tutors were Director of Studies or Center Manager at other prominent English courses before they joined English Today, our English teachers are not merely able to teach you English but they all are also able to design customized English learning programs which suits your needs and ensure you to get better results in less time and make your English learning journey much more enjoyable.

English Today Provides the Following Programmes:

You were born for a reason, don’t let lack of English stand in your way. Contact English Today and allow us to provide you with customized English training which suits your needs and ensure you enjoy the learning process.

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English Course in West Jakarta

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