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English For Negotiations Skills

training kursus bahasa inggris bisnis

English For Negotiations Skills. Negotiating in English will teach you the language of negotiations. You will learn how to negotiate successfully with others and get what you want. Knowing how to effectively negotiate is a skill everyone must master. To be a good negotiator, you need to be good in many related areas such as bargaining, psychology, empathy, planning, scheduling, body language and so on.


One of the difficulties users of English as a second language face is getting their points across in a polite way. Without this knowledge, it is easy to become too passive and this affects the way you represent your company and its interests. Not knowing when and how to make suggestions, not knowing when and how to clarify and not expressing your most important needs can leave you feeling frustrated at the end of a negotiation

The Perfect Picture

Imagine this. You are conveying your ideas and getting your messages across. You are making suggestions, clarifying important information and expressing partial agreement. In other words, you are negotiating effectively and achieving your aims and also building strong relationships for future business.

Who are we?

English Today has provided English for Negotiations with some of Indonesia’s biggest companies and organizatons such as Kementerian Sekretariat Negara, Kementerian Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia, IDX and Gojek to name a few..

We have two negotiation training packages, the first is negotiating in English as you will see below and this deals with English language expressions needed to effectively participate in negotiations. The second package is more soft skilled focused and deals with the art of negotiation.

Preparation and Language: It is essential that participants learn how to thoroughly prepare and the language required to ask for information and help in both informal and formal ways. In this stage of the program we will cover information on the initial goals that will be set.

Setting Objectives: After the setting the initial goals, the participants will be prepared for the first round of negotiations. Discussions will be held on what each should negotiate over, what each side’s alternatives are and what does each side want to achieve.

The Meeting: Following the objectives, participants will focus on the meeting detailed and offers will be discussed and participants will be asked to make formal questions to confirm details and add final points,

Proposals: Counter –offers are presented and participants will learn language for presenting proposals and counter proposals along with ways to ask for and clarify information.

A New Offer: In this section the focus is on resolving differences from the proposal stage. Participants are given a situational role-play activity in which they have to clarify information and express opinions.

They will also learn the differences bargaining and negotiating.

Dealing with Deadlock: The final section is where participants reach a successful conclusion based on previous discussions. Participants will learn various expressions for disagreeing and slowing the conversation down as well as expressions for making suggestions, clarifying and expressing partial agreement.

By the end of this course you and your will be able to negotiate effectively to achieve your aims and build relationships. To learn more about our English For Negotiations Skills program or to discuss mixing and matching your Business English Training Program with English for Presentations, English for Meetings and English for Sales Call us 021 7456296 or contact@english-today-jakarta +62818 888 887

April 22, 2020

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