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CORPORATE / GROUP ENGLISH CLASSES General class questions2023-04-17T09:25:26+00:00

1. Is there a trial class? Is there a class demo I can watch?

Yes and yes! Consult with one of our associates to arrange for a trial class and experience English Today first hand.

OR you can watch a few of our class demos here:

Offline class:
English Camp with English Massive Kediri
Negotiation Skills with Bank Danamon
General Business English Workshop with Bank BNI
General Business English with Suntory Garuda

Online class:

Online Private Class with Ms. Ligolita
Online Presentation Skills with Traveloka

2. What’s the schedule like? How soon can I start? Is the schedule flexible?

You can start as soon as possible. Don’t worry about flexibility because we follow your schedule and we stick to it until the end of the program.

3. What’s the maximum number of students per class?

We never put a limit to the number of students per class – you decide how many to put in your classes. However, for the most effective training, we strongly recommend a maximum of 15 pax per offline class and 10 pax per online class.

4. How many levels are in a class? Can multiple levels join one class?

We strive to always group only one level per class. However, we offer the flexibility to have closer levels together in a single class under recommendations of our Academic Team.

5. What’s your passing score?

Our passing score is 75% with a minimum class attendance of 75%. Corporate classes may adjust these numbers accordingly to your needs under the discretion of our Academic Team.

6. Can I reschedule my sessions?

You may reschedule your sessions 4x per program with prior notice (in the morning of or the day before). Beyond this or last minute reschedules will be counted into your sessions.