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Here are the guaranteed strategies to English success no one is telling you about.

Jakarta English Courses. Why are some companies much better at using English – while you’ve tried everything possible and can hardly get your staff to say more than a few words of English? What if there were a way where your staff got used to using English more quickly– how much would productivity increase? …20% — even 50%?

If you could just read one article about English courses that gave you a clear understanding to English excellence, this is it. I challenge you to read the entire article and not change your office’s approach to English communication!!! As you read every word of the article, you will discover just exactly how the multinationals have enjoyed the success they have and the unfair advantage that can be yours too.

The problem…

It’s annoying — your English level is good, you studied hard to get this far and you imagine if all your colleagues were this good, how much could you all achieve? It’s frustrating to know that with all the skills your team has, communicating in English is letting everyone down and business is clearly suffering as a result.

  • The miscommunications
  • The incorrect details taken over the phone
  • The never-ending emails/reports to proof read
  • The embarrassment when they come to you for help dealing with an international caller.
  • Hearing “he speaks too fast” from your staff
— and you feel this is turning out to be a never-ending cycle….It’s demotivating for them, and you know it’s reducing not only productivity, but respect from your international colleagues, not to mention head office.

You’ve probably heard about complete immersion being the best way to achieve fluency — 100% English, all the time. That’s how native speakers do it, right? Exactly. But, how to create an environment in the office where EVERYBODY regularly communicates in English? Perhaps you’ve already tried an English day rule, but the staff either become quiet or ignore the fines and go back to speaking Indonesian. You may have even started an English-club at work, but achieved little success. Everybody knows — it’s the chicken and egg situation – you can’t get better at speaking English if you don’t speak English, regularly!

English Today’s  – the tried and tested route to success.

What if there was a surprisingly straightforward way to transition your staff into an ‘English mainly’ environment? The tried and tested approaches I’ve outlined below are sure ways for employees to really start enjoying the process of mastering English communication. And, we all know that when something is really enjoyable, how much faster we learn!

With these processes in place, before your eyes, and with a new sense of confidence they never knew they had before, staff begin to feel like a new world has opened up to them – they actually want to have regular, productive communication with their English colleagues and clients. It’s like a thirst they never knew they had before… they will actively seek new business, effectively coordinate English speaking colleagues, and negotiate and present in English in a way you never thought possible. You think to yourself, “if-only every day were like this… then, I would be responsible for turning our office in an English speaking powerhouse”.

Engaging staff with tailor-made in house training with an expert, highly motivational teacher to focus on their weak areas. Gone are the days where staff cannot use agreement with subjects and verbs (“I’m not agree” sound familiar to you?). Conditionals, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns …all the parts of speech finally become clear in a way that is achievable, at whatever level of English your staff are. Negotiating language, presentation strategies, sales/purchasing/leadership skills, telephone English… All areas of business English grammar and vocab taught in engaging, inspiring and fun ways.

Fluency Group role-plays guided by that teacher to practice the new vocabulary/grammar taught. Whether it is team meetings, discussions, management strategizing, dealing with conflict… Naturally, a variety of tailor-made role plays allow staff a highly productive environment where their new English skills are solidified, consolidated and stored as applicable knowledge ready for use.

Community Real world practice inside and outside the office. After a thorough placement test and spoken test given by one of our experts, we use 2 key ways to keep the staff involved both inside and outside the classroom. One of the first things we do is assign a member of staff to act as our class coordinator. They usually have the highest level of English at present and through them we coordinate the extra-curricular activities as overseer of our specialised English social media group on Edmodo – a specifically designed socmed site where employees create their own profile and regularly communicate with the teacher, each other and hand in/work on group/individual assignments. It’s fun, interactive and guarantees everyone keeps up with the English course material.

Earlier on, I challenged you to read every word of this article and not make the change that will transform your workplace into an English speaking powerhouse. Since you’re still reading this, I’m going to assume you did. Well, now that I’ve shown you undeniably how English Today can deliver on its promise and have also demonstrated our first-rate credentials and stunning testimonials—it’s time for you to pick up the phone.

When you act on my advice and make the decision for us to be your learning partner, your company will be given that unfair advantage you need to guarantee your place on the competitive global stage.

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April 23, 2020

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