Welcome to Indonesia

Greeting people

  • Introducing your self and others
  • Saying where you came from
  • Shaking hands

At the airport

Using less formal yes/no questions

  • Showing possession
  • Tax drivers

Getting to know you

Giving information about yourself and asking about other people

  • Expressing nationalities and languages
  • Asking basic questions
  • Some conversation pointers
  • Form and addres

Working or studying

Talking about your job and asking about what other people do

  • Expressing your capabilities
  • Talking about education and study
  • Agriculture
  • The role of women
  • Education

Family and home

Talking about members of your family Expressing where things are in your house

  • Saying the numbers 1 to 10
  • Bathing facilities
  • Arabic greetings

Tours information

Asking where there is to see and do

  • Expressing existence
  • Using numbers 1 to 99
  • Telling the time
  • Saying the days of the week
  • Something for everyone!


Making, accepting, and declining an invitation

  • Giving reasons
  • Saying the months
  • Invitations – Indonesian style

Asking the way

Asking for directions

  • Understanding the directions
  • Body language

Changing money

Changing money

  • Understanding and expressing higher numbers
  • Expressing distance, weight, height etc.
  • Cash, traveler cheques or plastic?


Buying tickets for journeys

  • Talking about using various modes of transport
  • Using more time expressions
  • Getting around

Checking in

Getting rooms in a hotel

  • Asking about services
  • Saying what you usually do
  • Whereto stay