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How to Introduce People in English

English for Tourism

How to Introduce People in English

Learning how to introduce people in English is an important skill in English conversational situations. Read the English dialogue below and learn how to introduce people in English.

You        = tour guide
Lesley   = tourist
Joshua  = tourist

You        : Hello, can I help you find something?
Lesley   : Yes, I’m looking for the Water castle, Tamansari… but I think I’m lost.
You        : Oh! I’m going to Tamansari, too. I’ll show you where it is.
Lesley   : Thank you! I really appreciate that.
You        : My name is Ari, by the way. Where are you from?
Lesley   : I’m Italian. My name is Lesley.
You        : Nice to meet you, Lesley.
Lesley   : Nice to meet you, too, Ari.
You        : How do you like Jogja?
Lesley   : I really like it here. It’s beautiful. Do you work at the water castle?
You        : No, I don’t. I am meeting a client there. He is a guest from Germany.
Lesley   : I see.
You        : We’re almost there. Just around the corner.
Lesley   : Cool. Can’t wait.
You        : Here we are. That’s my guest by the entrance.

(both walking approaching to the entrance)

You        : Hello, morning. I hope you didn’t wait for too long.

Lesley   : I think I saw you at the hotel lobby.
You        : Really? What a coincidence. Josh, this is Lesley. Lesley, this is Joshua.
Joshua  : Hello. I’m Joshua. Nice to meet you. I wasn’t aware we were at the same hotel.
Lesley   : Hi, I’m Lesley. Pleased to meet you. You looked like you were in a hurry. So which part of Germany are you from?

Joshua  : The capital city, Berlin. How do you know Ari?
Lesley   : I met him on the street. He helped me find this place. He was heading to the same direction and he knew I was lost.
Joshua  : I see.
You        : Okay, Lesley. Im going to show Josh around. Happy exploring. Hope you don’t get lost again. If you need help, there’s a security post on the corner.
Lesley   : Thank you so much for your help Ari. You two have fun.
Ari          : It was my pleasure. Thank you
Joshua  : Thanks. Have a good one. Bye


When meeting people for the first time, DON’T ask too personal questions like religion, money (salary), weight, age, politics. Instead, ask general questions such as:

Origin                    Where are you from?

Job                         What do you do?

Weather              How do you find the weather here?

Hobbies               What do you do for fun?


True/ False

  1. Lesley is from Germany.
  2. Ari was lost.
  3. Joshua knew Lesley was at the same hotel as he was.
  4. Joshua helped Lesley find the water castle.
  5. Ari met Joshua at the Tamansari water castle entrance.

How to Introduce People in English: Meeting Tourists

Nanda   : Hello, my name is Nanda. Welcome to Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta.
Alicia      : Hi, I am Alicia. Thank you.
Nanda   : Nice to meet you.
Alicia      : You too.
Nanda   : Where are you from, Alicia?
Alicia      : I am from England. Are you originally from Jogja?
Nanda   : Yes. That’s right. I was born and raised here.
Nanda   : Is this your first time in Jogja?
Alicia      : No, I visited this city 3 years ago for work, but I didn’t get to see the tourist attractions.
Nanda   : I see. You have come to the right place now. This is one of the most famous temples in Jogja. It is in fact one of the world heritage destinations and a lot of international visitors come to visit. When it is a full moon, we have the famous Ramayana ballet show, a theatrical performance done in the Prambanan area in the background of the temples. You should see it. It is amazing.
Alicia      : Cool. Thanks for the information. I’ve heard about the ballet show and I’m thinking of watching it. Sounds interesting.
Nanda   : I can help you find tickets and seats if you’re interested.
Alicia      : Great. I’d be very grateful.
Nanda   : Glad to help. Now, let me take you around to see these beautiful temple compounds.
Alicia      : Sure.
Nanda   : So, the first one I’d like to show you is this. It’s called Shiva temple. It has the tallest and largest structure among the other temples here.



  1. Where is Alicia from?
  2. When did Alicia last visit Jogja?
  3. What does Nanda say about Prambanan temple?
  4. What is Alicia thinking of watching at Prambanan temple?
  5. Who is going to get tickets for the ballet show?

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July 30, 2020

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