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In House Company Training Jakarta

In House Company Training Jakarta

Private English Lessons

One-to-one private business English lessons are very common. One-to-one lessons can be aimed at preparing a learner for a particular project, coaching over a long period of time, checking and helping with presentations, written correspondence, reports and so on.

The difference between one-on-one training and company business English training is that the teacher is able to focus completely on the learners needs. One-on-one private English training offers the learner complete flexibility.


Teacher as Consultant

Our teachers are often brought into companies as an English consultant. This usually involves analyzing the communication and communication needs of that company. The consultant often recommends particular custom-made training courses especially suited to the company. These recommended courses can be our general business English courses with levels ranging from elementary until events or more specialized courses such as English and presentations, English for customer service, telephone English, English for negotiations or English for sales. These courses usually also include various soft skill training delivered in the English language such as presentations, sales skills and negotiations.


English Today’s Business English language audit

Before we begin the course there is a certain amount of information that we have to gather and this is called a needs analysis. This process helps English Today and our trainers understand the difference between the ability of the participants, in terms of communicative competence, and where they need to be to meet their business aims.

The aim of a language audit is to collect, and examine important information about the company’s current English ability, in other words where the learners are at the beginning of the course, and the goals and aims, which is where they would like to be at the end of the teaching. Understanding the difference (the training gap) between these two situations helps us with the course design


Needs Analysis

I need my English strengthened in order to

  • Urgent or not urgent
  • Deal with visitors
  • Understand presentations
  • Give presentations
  • Take part in meetings
  • Chair meetings
  • Read reports

  • Write reports
  • Deal with e-mails
  • Speak on the telephone
  • Socialise with business partners
  • Socialise with customers
  • Deal with suppliers
  • Deal with customers

April 20, 2020

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