English For Hospitality

English for Hospitality

English for Hospitality presents role-plays with the vocabulary needed for speaking about hospitality work in English. It focuses on activities common in international-class hotels worldwide.

The emphasis in English for Hospitality is to give all participants a chance to participant in customer service role-plays and written work in order to broaden their knowledge related to providing a 5 star service.

This program focuses on

  • Reception work

  • Restaurant and bar work

  • Answering the phone and taking messages

  • Writing short e-mails and letters

  • Dealing with guests’ problems

  • Explaining how things work

  • Giving directions inside and outside the hotel

  • Suggesting places to visit

The program’s objectives are to develop business conversational competency through:

  • Building confidence and motivation.

  • Developing holistic language awareness in the key areas of structure, register, pronunciation and lexis.

  • Activating critical thinking skills

  • Implementing active listening techniques.

Before a Guest Checks In

  • Taking a reservation by phone

  • Revising a Reservation

  • Suggesting alternative accomodation

  • The Guest’s experience: Meeting the hotel representative at the airport

Checking Guests in

  • The guest’s experience: Arriving at the hotel

  • Welcoming a Guest 1: With a Reservation

  • Welcoming a Guest 2: Without a Reservation

  • Securing the Stay With a Credit Card

  • Filling Out a Registration Form

  • Escorting a Guest to a room

  • Orienting a Guest to a room

  • Dealing With Dissatisfied Guest

  • Checking In a Large Tour Group

Hotel Services

  • Helping a Guest Ship a Parcel

  • Parking a Guest’s Car

  • Laundry Services 1: The Hotel Laundry

  • Housekeeping 1: Dealing with Damage In a Room

  • Housekeeping 2: Bringin Extra Amenities to the Room

  • Housekeeping 3: Cleaning a Room

  • Room Service 1: Taking an Order

  • Room Service 2: Delivering an Order

  • Taking Messages for a Guest

  • The Guest’s Experience: Using the Business Centre

  • The Guest’s Experience: In-Room Entertainment

  • The Guest’s Experience: Using the Family Pool

  • The Guest’s Experience: At the Executive Lounge

In The Restaurant

  • Taking a Restaurant Reservation by Phone

  • Accomodating Guests Who Have No Reservation

  • Explaining That No Table Is Available

  • Seating Guests

  • Taking a Beverage Order and Serving Beverages

  • Taking a Meal Order

  • Serving Food

  • Serving Wine

  • Taking Dessert and Coffee Orders

  • Taking Payment At the Table

  • Taking Payment At a Register 1: Satisfied Customer

  • Taking Payment At a Register 2: Dissatisfied Customer

  • Taking Payment At a Register 3: A Credit Card Problem

Concierge Service

  • Explaining the Details of a Hotel Tour

  • Advising Guests about Nearby Restaurants

  • Arranging for a Taxi and Courtesy Car

  • Booking a Hotel for Future Conferences

  • Directing Guests to Facilities Near the Hotel

  • Handling a Request for Child Care

  • Lost and Found

Dealing With Problems

  • Helping a Guest Who Is Injured

  • Getting Medical Care for a Guest

  • Dealing With Noisy Guests

  • Advising a Guest About Safe Storage

  • The Guest’s Experience: Reporting a Problem

Checking Out

  • The Guest’s Experience: Getting Ready to Leave a Hotel

  • Checking a Guest Out: A Dispute About the Bill

  • Exchanging Currencyl

  • Storing Luggage After Check-Out

  • The Guest’s Experience: Leaving the Hotel