Local Speaker English Trainer 

Finding ways on how to make people learn a language easily and interestingly has been my great wonder over my 20-year teaching career. Not only learning the language, but people also need to use the language in such a way so they are able to express their opinions, ideas, feelings and creativities. I have been able to simplify on how people can understand the language concept without burdening them with terms and jargon. Teaching across ages, occupations and industries has helped me sharpen my methods in selecting and arranging materials and delivering the best learning practices for different classes and situations.



English Today

  • Teaching Business English for Corporate Groups
  • Teaching Private Classesfor Adults
  • Teaching General English for Teens to adult learners

English First (EF Surabaya)

  • Teaching High School Classes
  • Teaching English Debating Skills
  • Academic Preparation Program

English First (EF Bali)

  • Created and designed various English training programs for teachers, staff and students
  • Provided assessment and test needed in English
  • Taught English subjects at different levels of education


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