Local English Trainer 

Other Formal Education:

Growing up with a Filipino father and an Indonesian mom has enabled me to use both languages from an early start. When I went into architecture, I did not see myself in the industry and went looking for other challenges. As soon as I joined English First and taught English for the first time, I enjoyed it immensely. .

Now with English Today teaching corporate English I feel that I have reached the next level of my career and enjoy helping professionals communicate their ideas in a clearer and more concise manner.


English Today Head of Online Education

  • Oversee the online education program
  • Develop syllabus
  • Develop the teaching platform
  • Teach online classes

English Today Online Program Coordinator

  • Managed teachers for online classes
  • Standardized the online program starting from the teaching platform and the overall quality of the student’s learning experience

English Today Corporate Language Trainer

  • Teach various classes to adults, including General Business English, English for Specific Purposes, English for Specific Industry, International Exam Preparation (TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS), and online one-on-one classes.

EF English First Karawaci Senior Teacher

  • Managed teacher scheduling
  • Acted as liaison between teacher and operations
  • Oversaw the academic team

EF English First Karawaci ESL Teacher

  • Taught various classes to various age groups from General English to International Exam Preparation, from 4 year-olds to adults.
  • Conducted placement tests
  • Conducted parent-teacher meeting
  • Appointed Life Club Coordinator to hold monthly event for both internal and external marketing purposes.

Kumon English Teacher

  • Oversaw students’ progress and determine their progress.
  • Checked homework and schoolwork.


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