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English has been a fun medium for me to interract with many interesting people. What I love about teaching English is not only about getting the students to learn things and pass certain grades, but also to encourage and engage them to be acively involved in experiencing a new language. As a second language, exposing students to English and using it as much as possible is the most crucial part in the learning process. Ultimately, seeing the confidence in my students speaking English is the most rewarding thing I have ever felt.

English Today’s Reverse 80/20 teaching method is the most practical way of providing professionals with the confidence needed to speak English in a professional setting.


English Today

  • Teaching Business English Conversation
  • Presenter on English Today Media
  • Creating Teachers Training Program for internal and external training
  • Curriculum Design for ESP English for Specific Purposes ( Report Writing , Presentation Skills and e-mail Writing )

English First

  • Full- time teacher teaching early learner and teens
  • Academic coordinator for Trailblazer (teens) program responsible for academic, teachers’ trainings and supporting marketing events in and outside EF
  • Teaching In-house training programs for some companies such as Danamon Bank, Telkomsel and PLN Tarahan Lampung and others
  • Preparing Candidates of English Olympiad (PLN Tarahan) in Writing Essays, and Presentations

English Laboratory University of Bandar Lampung

  • Assisting students with Lab sessions
  • Teaching basic English for new students (semester 1 to 4) as requirements for proposing tittle for final essay/research

IEC (Intensive English Course)

  • Teaching all ages
  • Assisting students in Learning center preparing for National, Regional and School exams
  • Handling and Organizing Sunday Meeting Club, Outing class
  • Handling Conversation Class and Teaching company classes (In-house Trainings)


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