Local Speaker English Trainer 

Teaching is an art for me. By teaching, I can explore my self as a Teacher and also as an Educator. I like Students who can engage and mingle using the Reverse 80/20 methodology that I apply in the class.

Communicative and Collaborative learning methods which I use in the class will impact the Students’ analytical thinking. Thus, I can meet student’s goals and expectations in learning English. I believe that by creating a dynamic, sense of fun with properly paced lessons, the student’s needs can be achieved.


English Today Trainer/Recruitment and Training Specialist

  • Train various corporate participants using face to face and online platform.
  • Conduct interview and onboarding session for new Trainers
  • Develop quality of local and native Trainers in order to meet customers’ expectation.

Senior Teacher at EF Jakarta for Adults

  • Taught EF students with EF standard curriculum(CEFR)
  • Trained and managed teachers to meet EF standards using EF methods.
  • Assessed students’s capability in speaking when they want to level up.

English Teacher at LBPP LIA

  • aught students from children to adults.
  • Reported students’ progress using report book every 3 month
  • Taught students using LBPP LIA curriculum(CEFR Methods).


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