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Other Formal Education:

Finding ways on how to make people learn a language easily and interestingly has been my great wonder over my 20-year teaching career. Not only learning the language, but people also need to use the language in such a way so they are able to express their opinions, ideas, feelings and creativities. I have been able to simplify on how people can understand the language concept without burdening them with terms and jargon. Teaching across ages, occupations and industries has helped me sharpen my methods in selecting and arranging materials and delivering the best learning practices for different classes and situations.


English Today – Head of Recruitment and Training

  • Recruit, train, coach and mentor teachers
  • Liaise between Marketing team’s needs and goals for different clients and teachers
  • Meet and liaise with clients related to syllabus development for special / customized class and prepare the teacher prior to the commencement of the class
  • Teach various classes, including General Business English, English for Specific Purposes, Test / Exam Preparation (TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE), and online one-on-one classes.

EF English First Depok – Director of Studies

  • Managed, handled and supervised academic activities in the center
  • Recruited, trained, coached and mentored teachers (22 teachers)
  • Evaluated teacher’s performance
  • Checked and approved student’s report made by teachers
  • Created and managed academic schedules and timetables
  • Worked with Marketing and Sales Team to reach the target
  • Oversaw the compliance to EF Central rules and regulations
  • Created and made syllabus for customized class
  • Taught various programs, from children to adult, General English to Business English and Test Preparation class (IELTS & TOEFL)

Sekolah Global Mandiri, Cibubur – Head of English Department and Cambridge Program

  • Created and designed various English training programs for teachers, staff and students
  • Managed, monitored and supervised Cambridge program implementation in the school
  • Provided assessment and test needed in English for employee recruitment and promotion
  • Coached and mentored teachers under English Department
  • Taught English subjects at different levels of education

Universitas Nasional, Jakarta – Lecturer

  • Taught English skills subjects (Reading Comprehension, Listening, Writing and Speaking)
  • Checked, edited and assisted students completing their papers

LBPP LIA, Yayasan LIA – Teacher, Supervisor, TEFL Trainer and Writer

  • Taught various classes from children to adults and programs from General English to English for Specific Purposes
  • Created and evaluated syllabus to suit various training programs from teaching English to company’s English training program in Curriculum and Material Department
  • Wrote books to be used in Yayasan LIA in Curriculum and Material Department
  • Designed programs and trained prospective teachers in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) classes in Yayasan LIA’s Training Centre
  • Coached, mentored and evaluated teacher’s performances
  • Created timetables and managed resources needed
  • Managed day-to-day academic section operation
  • Handled academic affairs in LIA Gunung Sahari branch


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