Native Speaker English Trainer | American

A versatile language teacher with almost 20 years’  experience in New Zealand, Hongkong, Turkey, Iraq, and  Saudi Arabia I enjoy different cultures, and my time living  and working abroad has honed my adaptability, creativity  and pragmatism.

I aim to motivate and guide students by setting clear,  attainable learning objectives, and through a relaxed, yet  disciplined classroom environment.


English Today, English Teacher for Corporate Classes Teaching Business English

  • Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL
  • Presenting Workshops for Presentation skills and Report Writing
  • Write The Reports of Improvement for each student in classes

Director of Studies / EF Cikupa, Indonesia

  • Worked alongside Sales and Service teams to ensure the academic quality and integrity of the EF.
  • Led the management and development of the academic team and responsible for performance indicators

Education Consultant/Saudi Electric Services Polytech, Jizan, Saudi Arabia

  • English language instructor for vocational students aged 18-25 in a challenging environment.
  • Curriculum development (course work creation, editing, layout), as part of the team we obtained SQA accreditation level 7 for various courses.

English Language Trainer /Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Preparatory year teacher for students about to attend English medium university.
  • Responsible for teaching the coursework (general and academic English)
  • Invigilating and marking exams, entering attendance and scores into database.

English Language Trainer /Berlitz/English Time, Istanbul, Turkey

  • General English and Business English teacher to classes from beginner to advanced.
  • Often taught in company premises, including one on one lessons to managers or to staff for more specialized use of English.


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