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Summary Of Qualification:

Teaching English abroad has been something I’ve enjoyed for a few years now. It’s always given my life plenty of color and allowed me the chance to experience new places and people. Over the years I’ve collected experience in how to design and deliver effective English courses to different people in different countries. My position here in Jakarta included working together with a small team to design and develop business English content for corporate clients partnered with Wall Street English. These courses included emails, meetings and presentations. I was in charge of creating and leading the presentations courses. I then delivered our courses directly to Wall Street English’s corporate clients around the city and performed in-house training for companies such as PT. Waskita and Standard Chartered. I’m interested in doing more work like this and was informed by one of my teammates that ET would be a good place to pursue more of this kind of work.


English Today

  • General English
  • General Business English
  • Business English for Specified Purpose
  • Business English for Specified Industries
  • Exam Preparations (IELTS / TOEFL / TOEIC)

Wall Street English Jakarta

  • English Trainer, 1 of the 3 teachers at WSE’s Flagship center who created and delivered Wall Street English’s Professional Business course series at Pacific Place.
  • Coordinated with my team to host IELTS workshops and assist students with specific areas of the test that gave them difficulty.

English Sail Academy (Daegu, South Korea)

  • Instructed students at a private English school in South Korea
  • Provided one on one tutoring to students displaying a range of varying English proficiencies
  • Worked closely with my team to organize lesson plans and events
  • Met with prospective clients to assess their English ability and work out the best class level according to their desires and goals

Web International (Changsu, China)

  • Oversaw classes of 6-10 students of varying skill level in conversation English lessons.
  • Planned large scale “social clubs” that included over a dozen students in group activities
  • Provided personal tutoring to selected students who were preparing for the TOEFL examination


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