Local Speaker English Trainer 

My philosophy of teaching begins first and foremost with student’s goals and expectations in learning English. My teaching is structured to meet those ends. I believe that the teacher’s role is to analyze learner’s needs and develop their linguistic and communicative competence, to meet both heir present and future needs, and to equip them to participate fully in a world of changing knowledge.

I like my lessons to be dynamic, properly paced, and with a sense of fun. I am a ractitioner of the “Communicative Language Teaching” ethodology which results in livelier classroom for students. This is not to say that I ignore the necessary work of learning grammatical concepts and vocabulary-building. I incorporate these into the lessons in forms of interactive tasks which encompass the communicative style.


English Today. Specialization in teaching Business English

  • Teaching business English for corporate and private classes
  • Teaching various age of students (children – adult)
  • General English for your learners to adult
  • TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS preparation.
  • Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP); English for customer services, presentation skills, conversations, report writing, and so on.

Kaplan Edupac Indonesia

  • Teach students and responsible for every progress they make in terms of English writing and grammar syllabus
  • Provide students the materials.
  • Evaluate students every 3 months by giving them a progress test.
  • Give presentation to corporate whenever they are interested in knowing what our program is like at Kaplan.

English First EF

  • Taught EF students with EF standard curriculum(CEFR)
  • Trained and managed teachers to meet EF standards using EF methods.
  • Assessed students’s capability in speaking when they want to level up


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