English Today was founded in Jakarta in 2010 as Jakarta’s first and only native English teacher agency and has since grown to be located in 7 different cities including Surabaya, Bandung, Denpasar, Makassar , Balikpapan and Medan. At English Today we have an extensive network of professional English trainers that extends throughout Jakarta and Indonesia, allowing us to offer greater flexibility in scheduling, and to offer our customers a wider choice of experienced and qualified Professional English Trainers. Our teachers and trainers specialise in various English language disciplines, which facilitates the process of selecting the perfect English trainer / teacher for our customers’ specific needs. As you would expect, only a native teacher provider with a proven track record of quality English language education can offer such personalised service anywhere in Jakarta and throughout Indonesia.


We are honest and work with integrity and dignity. We respect those around us, and value all ideas and contributions, both from internal and external customers. Our company operates in a virtuous circle in which we inspire our teachers, who in turn inspire our students resulting in a healthy, sustainable, profitable, and enriching environment for all. We always provide truthful guidance and make decisions based on the best possible outcomes for our students and customers. We strive to develop ourselves to the fullest and to be knowledgeable in all areas of modern English language teaching and training. We really enjoy ourselves, live life with passion and enthusiasm and strive to instill this enthusiasm in our students.


We receive a large amount of applications from teachers and trainers wishing to develop their careers with us and to take advantage of the numerous benefits and career development opportunities on offer. All applicants are carefully screened with thorough background and reference checks in addition to undergoing observed and audited teaching demonstrations. Quality of service and customer satisfaction are key to our past and future successes.