Bahasa Inggris untuk Bisnis

Business English Corporate Climbers

English Today’s Corporate Climbers Business English training program is an extremely innovative and interactive based program. Lead meetings, and negotiate the best deal sell your ideas and inspire your team. You can custom design your own course by choosing the skills and topics you most need to succeed.


Tell a story, engage the audience, leave them inspired, and sell your product or idea.


Learn to set and prioritise your objectives, clarify information and express possibilities and impossibilities by linking offers to conditions.


Learn how to structure high impact summaries that appeal to the emotions of your readers and convince them of the value of your recommendations.


Learn how to write emails that enhance cooperation and sales by creating direct and indirect sentences that inspire your desired actions.


Learn to politely interrupt and ask for clarification, voice your opinion and make suggestions in a diplomatic manner and reach agreement.


This Business English Conversation Training module will teach you to welcome visitors, make small talk and explain your company’s activities.


Learn to successfully take phone calls, messages, connect a caller, and to deal with typical problems related to customer service


Most of employees expect to develop their career and obviously increasing salary. However, it’s not easy to obtain those things. It requires hard work, perseverance also it has to be supported by excellent skill especially throughout business environment. In addition to that, it is inevitable in this digital and globalization era, many companies in Indonesia make English as one of the requirement to elevate their employee to higher position in the office.

we have been trusted to give English training to more than 100 infamous companies & institutions in Indonesia. We maintain our strong commitment to provide the best English learning just for you. Feel the excitement and fun of studying English with us at English Today Indonesia!


Professional English Training for Employees

Strong communication skills are possibly the most valuable of all in the modern business world. It is not surprising that employers in all fields will require a high competency in both written and spoken English. Being able to express your ideas and opinions clearly and confidently will make you a highly valued employee. Employers are especially looking for good public speaking skills and concise, clear writing skills. For this reason, English Today’s most popular training modules are E-mail Effectiveness, English Presentation Skills and Report Writing Excellence. So how do we help students to achieve this? We make their goals easier.

English Today’s promise to you is to design and deliver English training to help you get the best results as quickly as possible, while at the same time enjoying the learning process. You were born for a reason, do not let a lack of English stand in your way. Our trainers are ready to guide you to give you the confidence and the language skills you need to deliver well-structured and detailed presentations and to be able to write accurate and effective emails and reports.

The Reverse 80:20 Method

This is what makes English Today so unique, our teaching method gives you 80% of every class to practice speaking and using English independently. This way you will have a far more active role in the class compared to the traditional approach where the teacher focuses on too much theory and not enough practice. Our method ensures that you develop your speaking confidence quickly and once you have some self-belief you will be amazed at how rapidly your English skills can develop.

 English Today teach to change your life for the better! We delight in helping people achieve their dreams through learning a second language. For us, there is no greater accolade than to see YOUR confidence grow while you learn English through our passion for teaching.

 You are the type of person who loves to learn. You realise that mastering English can open the doors to endless opportunities. We are here to help you achieve your potential.

So how can you Upgrade your job, strengthen your career, achieve your goals and enhance your life? Answer – Contact English Today!

Bahasa Inggris untuk Bisnis


English Today provides Private English Classes that are tailored to your needs so you get better results in less time. Private English lessons are extremely effective because the teacher can quickly identify your weaknesses and strengthen them. They are also very convenient as you can set your own schedule and study at a time that is convenient to you.


We have dozens of local and native English teachers with CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) certifications from Cambridge University, the most prominent university for English education in the world.

Visit ENGLISH TODAY In Your City!

If you are looking for a Business English language course in your city and give you more opportunities to practice and use English actively, English Today can be your consideration.

What English is the most important and needed by the company?

Overall, most companies want 4 skills in English (reading, writing, speaking and listening). Therefore, it is important to practice all skills. Various companies argue that the most important language skills are reading and speaking.

Reading in English is important to understand international publications, various contracts and instructions. Speaking is the most important capability in the service industry such as travel and hospitality, where customer service is a major part of this business. The highest demand for English is in various industrial sectors, such as banking, finance and law.

The easiest way to have fluent English skills is to use them as often as possible. English Today is ready to help you with quality that is not in doubt. Some companies that are loyal clients of English Today include BCA, BNI, Mandiri, Bukalapak, Samsung, OCBC NISP bank, Gojek, and many more.

Are the needs of employees with the expected English skills fulfilled?

Many opinions from various companies stated that there was still a gap between the English skills needed and the reality of available abilities. In countries where English is not an official language: 67% of companies have gaps in English language skills. The percentage gap in English proficiency shows how English is very popular and is needed in different industries, various organizational sizes, and at various levels of management. English language skills have never been this important to support career development and success.

English Online classes for Employees

Is the Covid 19 pandemic an obstacle to conducting English training for employees? English Today has a solution for you. With English Today online classes you can conduct English training for your employees anywhere. Our online class uses Zoom, so you can still interact with our trainers. Read more
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