Bahasa Inggris untuk Farmasi

English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

English for the Pharmaceutical Industry is a program designed to provide cuttingedge skills for people working in the Pharmaceutical industry. English for the Pharmaceutical Industry has been specifcally developed for people who need to communicate effectively in English in the pharmaceutical industry.
This program will equip learners with the linguistic skills and specialist vocabulary necessary to understand daily situations in a work environment.

This program consists of six units and covers the full process of drug development.

  • Unit 1 introduces topics specifc to the feld

  • Unit 2 deals with medical research and development

  • Unit 3 covers quality control and auditing.

  • Unit 4 looks at the various phases of trials

  • Unit 5 Drug safety and regulatory requirements

  • Unit 6 drug manufacture and packaging

The kick-off meeting

  • Job profiles , professions, and departments

  • New drug development and launches

  • Cultural differences in marketing drugs and medicine

  • Providing information

  • Introd