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English Language Learning Program

We provide English language training programs for those of you who want to join a premium quality English learning program with internationally qualified English tutors and applicable English materials. You will get high-quality learning English instruction from internationally qualified English tutors and applicable English materials.


Lead meetings, negotiate the best deal, and sell your ideas to inspire your team with our Business English Corporate Climbers Program


Build the participants’ English speaking confidence through interactive games, as well as teamwork activities in which they have to compete and achieve goals as a solid group.


You can study anywhere at anytime seamlessly with a PC, Tablet or mobile phone (iOS and Android)


ONLY IDR 300.000,-


IDR 1.500.000,-


Learn to persuade, increase impact, sell your ideas and write high impact summaries


Learn Bahasa Indonesia and start enjoying chit chat, humour, even serious debate with acquaintances, friends or colleagues.

Professional English Training

English Today is a leading professional English training ground with a wide range of advantages. With comprehensive excellent programs, innovative teaching methods, and experienced teachers, English Today ensures an effective and satisfying English learning experience for its participants, including:



At English Today, we have helped more than 70,000 students improve their English skills. We pride ourselves on helping them achieve their goals in education, career, and everyday life



English Today has experienced and dedicated English tutors, involving over 50 local teachers and native speakers. They are specialists in their field and their commitment in improving students’ English skills is beyond doubt.


Stars in Google Reviews

We highly value feedback from our students, and our 4.9-star rating shows their satisfaction with our online and offline English tutoring services. English Today always strives to meet and exceed each student’s expectations and focuses on continuous improvement.

Why You Should Study at English Today

Studying at English Today has many benefits that can help you in the development of English language skills. Here are some reasons why having to study in English Today online and offline English courses is important:
English Today

Qualified Teachers

English Today always provides highly qualified and experienced native and local English teachers so that you can achieve your learning goals more effectively.
English Today

Relevant Material

We remain committed to providing learning materials that are relevant and appropriate to the demands of today’s business and industry world.
English Today

Revolutionary Method

At English Today, we use revolutionary and effective learning methods that allow you to speak English more fluently and confidently.

Qualified English Course Teachers

English Today only works alongside highly qualified teachers. A place where you will find more than 50 professional online and offline English course teachers, motivate learning with passion and enthusiasm, and always use interesting learning methods to help improve your English.

English Today
English Today is supported by dozens of experienced and competent English teachers. All of our teaching staff hold CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) certificate, an internationally recognized certificate for teaching English to adults. Our English course institute is an English language school that has revolutionary and applicable methods of teaching and learning English tutoring that you will not find in other English courses. Be a part of English Today and enjoy the full benefits of improving your English skills.

Corporate Clients English Today

We have partnered with companies and organisations from different sectors to improve the English skills of their employees, enabling overseas global collaboration and increased productivity. Be part of our corporate clientele and increase your business potential on the international stage

Best English Course Institutions

Bringing together the most passionate and experienced English Trainers in Indonesia. English Today is determined to provide qualified and experienced teachers of Native and local English courses, enabling you to achieve your learning goals more effectively. The revolutionary and effective online and offline English learning methods we have designed allow you to speak English fluently and confidently in less time.
English Today
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Learn English Online and Offline

English Today offers  online and offline English courses as  well as foreign language learning. They provide certified local and native teachers suitable to help students speak English more quickly and effectively.

In addition to basic English courses for beginners such as taking adult English courses and English courses for children, English Today also offers Chinese courses and online English tutoring classes. Students are required to take a placement test to assess according to their English language skills in reading, writing, and speaking.

English Today Course Institute also provides English classes to learn business needs and more complex needs. English Today also provides English test preparation courses for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and other programs. The purpose of learning English Today online and offline English courses is to help people understand that speaking not only involves saying words but also communicating with others in a way that they can understand and vice versa.

Best Learn English Websites

English Today is an online English tutoring website that provides the latest information about the English language. The site offers comprehensive English materials and lessons. With English language education programs provided that can improve your English language skills.

We provide the best tutoring English school learning curriculum materials to train you in English and remain committed to providing learning materials that are relevant to today’s business and industry demands. English Today offers effective online and offline English course programs with revolutionary and efficient English learning methods that allow you to speak English better.

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