Online English Classes


English Online Classes with English Today

  • Speaking English with Confidence

  • Asking questions correctly in English, useful for continuing conversations.

  • Improve fluency with less hesitation

  • Practice speaking about topics that interest you!

  • Access to qualified English trainers who will help you improve your English quickly and effectively

  • Become more confident speaking English at work in face to face situations or over the phone

Pure Conversation Practice!

There is nothing more effective than conversing one on one with a qualified trainer. English is a procedural skill that requires practice, practice and more practice!

Business Speaking

Business Speaking is the perfect course for anyone wanting to quickly improve their English speaking and listening skills. Lessons prepare learners for common business situations, from meetings to telephoning. And with lessons accessible from any computer or mobile device, finding the time to study has never been so easy!

Integrated Skills

Learners can practice reading, writing, and listening to new words to broaden their vocabulary range and improve their accuracy.

Why Choose English Today?

Students will from Online English Classes:

  • Relevant materials which are adjusted to their needs and level in English.

  • The programs vary from Conversation, General English, to Business English.

  • Our Reverse 80-20 teaching method which can effectively motivate students to share ideas and practice their productive skills.

  • Undivided attention and instant feedback from a certified and supportive teacher of their choice