Business English Meeting Training

Nervous in meetings conducted in English? These practical role-play orientated training modules provide tools and strategies to build your confidence. Learn to politely interrupt and ask for clarification, voice your opinion and make suggestions in a diplomatic manner and reach agreement. Business English Meeting Training Module

Could we meet next week?

  • Arranging a meeting

  • Confirming a meeting by email

  • Rescheduling a meeting

  • Using first names

  • Aplogizing for changing a meeting time

  • Getting emails right

  • General meeting vocabulary

Can we make a start now?

  • Saying hello and making introductions

  • Stating a meeting

  • Starting the objectives introduction

  • Making small talk

  • Writing formal and informal agendas

  • Chairing a meeting

Can I make a point here?

  • Reporting progress

  • Explaining cause and effect

  • Interrupting and dealing with interruptions

  • Interrupting politely

  • Asking for clarification

  • Giving your opinion

  • Video conferencing

I’m not sure I agree

  • Disagreement and criticism in different cultures

  • Diplomatic language

  • Making positive suggestions

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Acronyms and abbreviations

  • To cc or not to cc?

It’s a deal

  • Responding to offers

  • Buying time

  • Taking a vote

  • Summarizing the results of a meeting

  • Reading agreement

  • Talking about possibilities

  • Controlling the timing of a meeting

  • Intercultural communication

So, I think we’re finished for today

  • Ending a meeting and thanking participants

  • Confirming decisions and action points

  • Follow-up emails

  • Saying goodbye

  • Talking about possibilities

  • Hedges (probably, I would say …)

  • Turn-Taking