Business English Conversation Training

This Business English Conversation Training module will teach you to welcome visitors, make small talk and explain your company’s activities. This will help you strengthen your relationships with our clients and colleagues. By the end of this module you will be able to confidently start a conversation in the right manner and build and maintain healthy and valuable business relationships

Making Contact

  • Making arrangements via email

  • Meeting visitors on arrival

  • Talking about the weather

  • Talking about plans

  • Attitudes to time in different cultures

  • Talking about plans

  • Using modal verbs for politeness

Welcoming Visitors

  • Welcoming visitors to your company

  • Talking about the offices and past times

  • Offering a visitor refreshments

  • Giving directions in a building

  • Introducing a visitor

  • Using First names asking for clarification

  • Utilising ‘softeners’

  • Using first names

  • Asking for clarification

Getting acquainted

  • Making small talk before a meeting

  • Talking about free time activities

  • Talking about current and foreign affairs

  • Talking about travel and places you have visited

  • Following up a visit with an email

  • Talking about mutual acquaintances

  • Moving from small talk to business

  • Keeping a conversation going

  • Rephrasing negative sentences

Entertaining a visitor

  • Showing a visitor around your town

  • Talking about the place where you live

  • Recommending things to do and places to see

  • Giving directions in a town or city

  • Used to

  • Using tourist information

  • Talking about origins

  • Dealing with invitations

Eating Out

  • Making small talk in a restaurant

  • Deciding what to order

  • Talking about family and relationships

  • Talking about education

  • Thanking somebody for a meal

  • Explaining a menu

  • Keeping a conversation going

  • But seriously …-the role of humour in different cultures

  • At the end of a meal


  • Starting a conversation with a stranger

  • Talking about your company

  • Talking about products at the stand

  • Trying out new small-talk topics

  • Following up a new contact via email

  • Safe small-talk topics

  • Expressing opinions politely

  • Ending a conversation politely

  • Small talk at an international event