Please watch our English training testimonials so you can learn how our clients talk about us. English Today’s goal is to help you get better results in less time while making sure that your learning experience in enjoyable.


English Today have been providing Gojek with English training since 2017. In the beginning all classes with face to face Business English classes, however after the Covid-19 outbreak we switched all classes to online English training.


English Today have been providing Bukalapak with English training since 2016. We have provided General Business English training as well as specialised English for presentation programs, like other clients our training was interrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak and since then we have switched all training to online.

Directorate General of Customs and Excise

English Today provided IELTS preparation training under the authority of the Australian Embassy. This was a 60 hour preparation program with the opportunity of further training for the participants in Australia.

PT Pegadaian

English Today has been teaching PT Pegadaian since 2016 and this year we switched all Business English training to the online format using Zoom. We also provided online English Club training via Zoom


English Today has been teaching Cinepolis formally known as Cinemax since 2017 and this year due to the outbreak of Covid 19 we converted all training to our online format using Zoom.

Kartu Prakerja Program

English Today was honoured to be chosen as one of the English training providers of the government funded Kartu Prakerja program. Participants received speaking classes through Zoom and 4 month access to English Today Online English Learning Platform