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Need to improve your Indonesian language skills? Feeling confused when communicating with colleagues and friends?

Learn Bahasa Indonesia - English Today

Imagine how easier life in Indonesia would be if you could confidently communicate in the Indonesian language.

English Today’s Bahasa Indonesia clients are expatriates who need to communicate basic needs, increase their comfort in social settings both at home and at work

We have clients who start as complete beginners and progressed to be able to express ideas and opinions and who more on to a more professional level and even giving speeches.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia

Understanding Bahasa Indonesia will deepen friendships, forge business partnerships and open your mind to amazing possibilities.

Don’t be left out on the fringes of conversation. Learn Bahasa Indonesia and start enjoying chit chat, humour, even serious debate with acquaintances, friends or colleagues. Bahasa Indonesia Jakarta! We are here to help you achieve.


We are your trusted learning partner! We help people achieve their dream of learning Bahasa. For us, there is no greater accolade than to see your confidence grow while you learn to speak our language.