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Business English Training Jakarta

Lembaga kursus bahasa inggris online karyawan

Business English Training Jakarta. English Today do not provide public classes, we do not focus on grammar and we certainly do not only work through course books. We custom design English programs that work just for you. We help individuals and companies custom design English programs that solve English problems in practical ways that help achieve real-life results for you and your staff.

Business English Training Needs Analysis

Before we start a course, there is a certain amount of information we gather in the form of a Business English Training needs Analysis. This will help us understand the difference in your current Business English situation and your desired Business English target. After careful consultation with your team, we create stimulated role-play activities that reinforce strategic communication skills that benefit your staff and your company.

Private Business English Training

If you require Private Business English Training, we provide private tuition and our qualified teachers will travel to your office to teach in either the morning or afternoon. Take a look at our Private Business English Lessons page to see our Business English service and also go to our main page to see our teacher profiles English Today.

Private Online Business English Training

English Today also provide Private Online Business English Training through Zoom. Arrange a FREE online Zoom consultation with one of our friendly English trainers and we will design a custom outline based on your topics of interest and the skills you need. This is the key to ensure that you enjoy the English learning journey with ET and you get better results in less time.

You can choose to study with a native English speaking teacher or a local English teacher. If you are not sure which option you prefer you can try a combo class which 50% local teacher and 50% native teacher. Some learners complete 15 hours of the 30 hour program with the local teacher and when they feel that they have built up their confidence they start the final half of the program with the native teacher.

April 24, 2020

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