English Course in Sidoarjo

Are you looking for the Best English Course Sidoarjo has to offer?
English Today has the best solution for you. During the pandemic of Covid 19, the option to learn English online has become more popular and many people think that online English training is not only affordable but also more effective than face-to-face classes.

English Today provide English training in Sidoarjo, do your employees often feel afraid to speak or write in English? English Today is a perfect choice for anyone who would like to learn English in Sidoarjo.  All of English Today’s programs are custom designed based on your needs.

Customized English Training

One of the strong features of our English programs is our customized trainings. You can choose your learning materials so that learning English can be done more effectively and more efficiently. We truly care about your needs and that’s why we provide a wide variety of English courses. 

  • Business Report Writing
    This program is the best solution for those who have difficulty to overcome language barriers in business report writing.
  • Negotiation Skills
    This is perfect for those who are involved in international business negotiations. Gain cross-cultural understanding and give yourself every chance to succeed in your next negotiation

  • Socializing Confidence
English Today – VIP Online Training

English Online Classes

If you want to learn English anywhere and anytime at super affordable price, you can choose our English online classes. For more details, click www.english-today-online.com While we were excited about our planned opening of public classes in Sidoarjo, unfortunately Covid-19 interrupted our plans However this does not mean that you can’t study with English Today. You just have to be computer literate and have knowledge of how to use Zoom and WhatsApp messenger.

Small Group Online English Class

This class only has 3 other participants. The normal price per month for two sessions per week is IDR 450,000, however if you send a WA message to +62818888887 and mention that you are from Tegal , you will receive a 20% discount so the price will only be IDR 360,000 per month.

Private Online Zoom English Class:

You can get private online Zoom English classes for only IDR 1,350,000 per month, however with a 20% discount it is only IDR 1,050,000.
Please note: If you choose private class you invite any number of friends and share the costs. For example if you invite 5 other people to join your class, each person only has to pay IDR 175,000 per month

Online Self Learning Platform

You can buy our Online Self Learning Platform from only IDR 1,200,000 and with our 20% discount it is only IDR 960,000 for 4 months.ET self learning app is an integrated skills course mapped to Cambridge Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for learners from beginner to advanced level (A1-C1). Each level contains 20 units, which practice the four skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) in addition to grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

You were born for a reason, don’t let lack of English stand in your way. Contact English Today and allow us to provide you with customized English training which suits your needs and ensure you enjoy the learning process.

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English Course in Sidoarjo

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