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Local English Teacher

  • Airlangga University – BA
  • Reverse 80/20 Teacher Methodology


Local English Trainer

A committed trainer with over five years of experience at leading and teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Possessing excellent administrative, verbal communication and written skills along with constructive and effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment.


English Today
  • Teaching Business English for Corporate Groups
  • Teaching Private Classesfor Adults
  • Teaching General English for Teensto adult learners
  • Teaching TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS preparation.
  • Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP); English
    for customer services, presentation skills,
    conversations, report writing, and so on.
Teacher in EF (English First) Depok


  • Teaching High School Classes
  • Teaching English Debating Skills
  • Academic Preparation Program
Academic staff in ELC education


  • Substituting for the native teachers, all levels
  • Marketing English Programs
  • Creating Curriculums for ESL
Full time teacher in ILP GubengSurabaya
  • Private tutoring for Corporate Training
  • English Proficiency Testing
  • Creating Testing Levels
  • Group classes in center


Business English Courses
Klient Kursus bahasa inggris bisnis english today
Klient Kursus bahasa inggris bisnis english today
Klient Kursus bahasa inggris bisnis english today
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