English for Export and Import

Our English for Import and Export Business English program will develop your employees’ understanding and ability related to the subject of the Import Export industry. The Import Export industry requires specific language structure and background knowledge related to the industry.

Part 1: Warm up
This part is intended to stimulate and prepare the learners for the topics presented in the following parts. It will help the participants get ready for the concepts of the import-export industry that are relevant to the topics of each unit

Part 2 : Vocabulary
In this part, participants will be introduced to vocabulary in the reading passage of each unit

Part 3 and Part 4 : Reading Comprehension
The import-export business is very dynamic, keeping up with the current situation is essential. Effective reading is necessary to stay up to date with the changes.Therefore, reading techniques and exercises are provided.

Part 5: Expansion
After gaining some background on each topic through the reading passage, participants are encouraged to expand on their opinions and ideas in order to build fluency in the English language related to the topics.

Part 6 : Language Focus
This part involves grammatical lessons based on the reading passage of each unit. Then, exercises are given as reinforcement and an understanding checker.

Part 7 : Paragraph Writing
This part consists of the explanation and an example of how to write a certain type of paragraph such a paragraph of descriptions , a paragraph of opinion, a paragraph of contrast.

Part 8 : Listening and Speaking
The part consists of a model dialogue in a situation relevant to the import export business, e.g., a dialogue explaining how to get information from an ocean liner’s timetable , and a dialogue asking for a larger discount,

Currency Exchange

International Organizations

Border Trade

Copyright and Intellectual Property


Electronic Commerce: Growing Worldwide Trend

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