Thoughts from William Shakespeare

A bunch of people do not realize that when they are learning English, they are also learning about life. An abundance of stories was written by English authors that created beautiful quotes and moral values, ET Mates.

One of them is William Shakespeare, the most celebrated English author in the world. Do you know that his intelligence is extraordinary, ET Mates? Yup! He is the literary version of Albert Einstein. Shakespeare wrote novels and plays about  romance, comedy, and tragedy. A study at the University of Liverpool proved that Shakespearean language energizes positive brain activity. So, he’s not only a genius, but he also imparts wisdom effortlessly, ET Mates!

His books are printed into thousands of copies and most people around the world know his name. Shakespeare has inspired a bunch of souls for decades with his extraordinary perception of life. He could write a single line containing very meaningful philosophical values. From there, you can gain new spiritual enlightenment.

Delving into the Mind of a Genius: Thoughts from William Shakespeare

Check out some famous quotes from William Shakespeare that probably would change the way you see life, ET Mates.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves. -Julius Caesar 

You probably have heard about this quote, ET Mates. In this line, the word ‘stars’ refers to fate. People who lived in the Shakespearean age were mostly influenced by the zodiac and horoscopes. Flash news for you, horoscopes and zodiacs were invented 2,400 years ago by the Babylonians. It is to predict someone’s fate and fortune. Babylonians believe that if we pay close attention to the universe’s signs, we can see our fate written in the stars.

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So, if something bad would happen, the stars would give them warnings. Shakespeare argued this idea. Written in Julius Caesar’s play, he said that the flaw is not in our stars. Shakespeare believed that the flaws are in ourselves, which means if we cannot rewrite our fate in the stars, we can always improve ourselves. Therefore, if we are improved, so is our fate.

My dull brain was wrought with things forgotten. – Macbeth

Let’s pay attention to the word ‘wrought’. This is one of the uncommon words or the words we don’t frequently use. If you look up to the dictionary the word ‘wrought’ is the past participle for ‘work’. The synonyms of wrought are shaped, molded, or manufactured.

Therefore, this Shakespearean quote means that his “dull brain” is shaped (“wrought”) with “things (that are) forgotten”. Casually, it means that his brain is full of forgotten things. Can you relate, ET Mates? You can put this quote on your social media bio.

Self-love, my liege, is not so vile sin as self-neglecting.– Henry V

We’ve heard activists frequently campaign the importance of self-love nowadays. However, William Shakespeare had done it a long time ago, ET Mates. In his play, Henry V, he induced a small part of the story with moral value about self-love. Isn’t it brilliant?

Let’s focus on the challenging vocabulary here; ‘vile’ and ‘my liege’. The synonyms of vile are nasty, disgraceful, and immoral. Meanwhile, the word ‘my liege’ is used in the Medieval era (middle age). It means ‘my lord’. As a result, the quote means that self-love is not a nasty sin like self-neglecting. In  other words, Shakespeare wanted to remind people that there  is nothing wrong with self-love.

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Shakespeare remains the greatest author in the world. His stories have inspired thousands of people too, ET Mates. However, Shakespearean language is not an easy one. All you have to do to understand his language is to improve your English step by step. Also, read a lot of English too. You most certainly find the best coach to improve your English in English Today Online. You can learn English anywhere, ET Mates!

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