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English Dialogue Dealing with Emergencies

English Dialogue Dealing with Emergencies

English Dialogue Dealing with Emergencies

Situation: You pick up a tourist from Spain, Mr. Juan at the airport. Mr. Juan has lost his baggage. You help him to find his baggage.

A       :  Is everything alright sir?

B       :  My baggage seems to be missing. I can’t find it!

A       :  Would you mind to give me your baggage claim tag?

B       :  Here you are

A       :  All right. Can you please tell me what your suitcase look like?

B       : It’s a big,black suitcase with a red name tag and a Spanish flag sticker on it.

A       : A moment please, I will ask for a missing baggage form from the airport officer and help you to fill out the form.

B       : Thank you. May I know when can I expect to get my suitcase back? 

A       : In most cases, lost baggage is found within 24 hours. The airport officer will deliver it to the hotel address that I filled in the form as soon as they find your suitcase and it’s free of charge.

B       :  Thank you for your help

A       : I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Key Vocabulary:

Baggage claim tag : a tag used to help passengers identify their baggage at the airport

Fill out : to write or type information in spaces that are provided for it

deliver : to send something to an address

Useful expressions:

  • Here you are
  • A moment please
  • I’m sorry for the inconvenience
  • Is everything alright, sir/ma’am?
  • My baggage seems to be missing

English Dialogue Dealing with Emergencies

1. Juan lost his suitcase

a. True

b. False

2. The tour guide helped Mr. Juan to fill out the missing baggage form

a True

b. False

3. Which of these is the synonym of “seem”?

a. seen

b looks like

c. glance

4. According to the dialogue, which of these statement is incorrect?

a. The conversation takes place at the airport

b. Juan lost his suitcase

c. The tour guide didn’t help Mr. Juan to find his suitcase

5. Which of these is the correct translation of “suitcase”?

a. Kompor

b. Koper

c. Tas

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July 30, 2020

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