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How to Handle Complaints in English

How to Handle Complaints

Learn How to Handle Complaints in English.
Situation: You are guiding a tourist from America. The tourist isn’t very happy with his accommodation. You take the initiative to handle his complaint

A       : Good morning, I would appreciate some help with some problems that have come up. Would you mind to help me?

B       :  Good morning. I would like to help you smooth out any difficulties you are having. What can I help you with?

A       : I think you need to take me to more instagrammable places instead of museums in Jakarta. I find it a little boring to visit historical sites.

B       : Thank you for letting me know, sir. I’ll take you to instagrammable places in Jakarta like Skye Rooftop, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and Pantai Ancol.

A       : I also have some problems with my accomodation.

B       : Is there anything in particular that is wrong with your room?

A       : The room smelled of smoke, even though I am not a smoker and the water heater is not working.

B       : I am sorry for your inconvenience, sir. I will pass your complaints to the hotel management to make sure they handle your complaints. In addition, please let me offer you a full package of Padang lunch as an apology.

A       : Thank you for your prompt response.

B       : You’re welcome, sir.

How to Handle Complaints in English
Key Vocabulary:

come up :  Occur unexpectedly

smooth out : make something easier by removing a problem

in particular : special

apology : a statement to tell someone that you’re sorry

prompt : done quickly


  1. The room smelled ___ smoke.
    What is the correct option to fill in the blank?
  1. of
  2. off
  3. on


  1. The word ‘inconvenience’ means …
  1. discomfort
  2. distrust
  3. disloyal


  1. What is the synonym of  “prompt”?
  1. immediate
  2. intermediate
  3. immediately


  1. We _____ with an idea of offering free city tour for our customers.
    Which of these is the correct phrasal verb to complete the sentence     above?
  1. come up
  2. come down
  3. come across


  1. According to the dialogue, which of these is the correct statement?
  1. The tourist complained about the accommodation
  2. The tourist complained about the food
  3. The tourist complained about the tour guide’s explanations

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July 30, 2020

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