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Prepositions of location


Prepositions of Location

Learn about prepositions of location. Most prepositions must be memorised and while there are logical examples such as on the road, others are not always so logical for example on a train means inside the train and does not mean on top of the train. So basically you must memorise many prepositions in order to use them correctly.


atspecific locations, addresses, companies, stores, events, parties, desks, counters
inenclosed spaces, buildings, organizations, regions, water, deserts, mountain ranges, forests, cities, countries, continents, the sky, space, cars, groups of people, little boats
onsurfaces, roads, corners, shores, single mountains, islands, planets, public transportation, bikes, big boats, stairs, balconies, walkways
aboardboats, planes, trains

Sample Sentences with “ At “

  • Where is Ahmad? He’s at home
  • Where is Dewi? She’s at McDonalds with her friends
  • Where does he live? He lives at number 3 Jalan Flores
  • Where are they? They are at the beach
  • He was waiting at the bus-stop
  • Please eat your dinner at the dinner table
  • She was at the party without him

Sample Sentences with “ In “

  • Where is Ahmad? He’s in university
  • Where is Dewi? She’s in hospital with a broken leg
  • Where does he live? He lives at number 3 Jalan Flores
  • Paul is holidaying in Africa
  • Look what’s that in the sky
  • My cat was sleeping in my car
  • They are watching a move in the theater

Sample Sentences with “ on “

  • What is Ahmad doing on the ground
  • I am on the MRT
  • He was standing on the sidewalk
  • Let’s have a BBQ on my balcony
  • I will stay on Gili air island
  • My shoes were on the stairs
  • He was siting on my motorcycle

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July 27, 2020

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