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English Online Conversation Jakarta

English Online Conversation Jakarta

Make warm, meaningful connections for all occasions, business, social and personal. Whether you are selling, managing, job hunting, negotiating or pitching an idea. The secret of success is based on communicating and connecting with other people.

With English Today’s Online Conversation English program, you will never again let shyness get in the way of an appointment or interview. Never again find yourself tongue-tired or distracted in social situations.

Learn the difference between “opening up” words and “closing down” words, understand the importance on ‘Words vs Tone’ and learn the listen actively.

Learning to communicate and connect in English involves more than just language, it requires knowledge of body language, tone, active listening and open word choice.

English Today use Zoom or Skype for our classes and you can have a one on one private class or a small group class of up to four people. Each class runs for one hour twice a week. We also have English Today’s online self learning platform for online self study.

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April 21, 2020

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