English for Human Resources

English Today’s English for Human Resource Professionals program builds the important communication skills required in an international HR environment.

  • You will build more confidence communicating with your international network
  • You will use accurate training terminology when discussing international HR topics and themes
  • You will produce clearer and more persuasive written documents

Core subject areas for each English for Human Resource Professionals course will include

  • Effective use of key HR terminology
  • Tools for writing clear briefs, manuals and strategy papers
  • Fluency enhancement for presenting information
  • Development of listening skills for formal meetings and teleconferencing

Unit 1


  • Job description
  • Person specification
  • Recruitment sources and advertising
  • The language of job description
  • Exchanging information
  • Making suggestions
  • Agreeing and disagreeing

Unit 2


  • Job advertisement
  • A curriculum vitae
  • The job interview
  • Ageism
  • Arranging an appointment
  • The language of interview questioning
  • Establishing rapport

Unit 3

Employee Relations

  • Employment contracts
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedure
  • Health and safety at work – stress and workplace injuries
  • The language of Contract
  • Writing offers and rejection letters
  • Giving and requesting information
English for Human Resources

Unit 4

HR Development

  • HR Development practices
  • Dealing with staff problems
  • Appraisal interview and  reports
  • Training courses
  • Equal opportunities and diversity
  • Making recommendation
  • The language of appraisal interviews (diplomatic  language, softening disagreement)

Unit 5

Reward and Remuneration

  • Salary and fringe benefits
  • Salary reviews
  • Asking for and giving feedback
  • Clarifying
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Interrupting
  • Talking about figures and numbers

Unit 6

Industrial relations

  • Role of trade unions
  • Labour relations
  • A wage negotiations
  • The language of negotiating (persuading, bargaining)