Dos And Don’ts In Networking Internationally

Networking or making friends is an exciting activity everyone can do. All people of all ages, all over the world, refuse to feel lonely. And that’s what friends are for! But what if we are away from people who matter to us? What if one day we need to travel for an extended period of time? Or dealing with a foreign client? How can we make friends with people who have different cultural backgrounds? Have you been through these, ET Mates?

Unfortunately, most of our english teachers did not prepare us how to make proper small talk when we were learning English. These tips will help you gain friends internationally. Furthermore, you can also use them as a networking tool for professional matters because a strong business relationship requires a strong personal relationship too.



Giving Compliment

During a small talk with someone you just met, pay attention to what they are good at. There’s more to compliment than appearance. You can praise them for their recent achievement or wishing them good luck with their new job. By giving compliments means that you care about the people you meet and expressing it to them without being too much. Also, people will subconsciously see you as a person who is aware that the world doesn’t only revolve around you.


Being Direct And Polite

Small talk at the first meeting is great! However, you might want to have a specific conversation later. After having a small talk, you can ask them about their hobbies, jobs, and their personal life. We use this strategy to get to know each other better. Therefore, make sure that the tone is polite and the questions are not going too far.  


Being Interactive

In reverse, if someone tries to build a good network with you, all you need to do is to keep talking. Keep in mind that a conversation is a two-way talk. You also want to ask them questions and get to know them better and listen to what they’re saying. Otherwise, it is considered rude to only answer questions and not engage in the conversation. 


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Asking Something Too Personal

In the first meeting, avoid doing this question, “Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?” Or asking the price of their phones. It is best not to ask about their belief, race, and financial status. Always start a small talk by asking how they are, how their weekend was going, and what their job is. 


Cutting Off The Conversation With “Oh..” and “Yea..”

Sometimes, in a conversation, we run  out of ideas on how to keep the conversation going. However, it’s better not to respond with “Oh..” or “Yea…”. If you do not know how to react, try to bridge it with, “I see..” or “I agree with you..” and then change the relevant topic. 

A: “My grandfather is one of my role models.”

B: “Lovely. By the way, did you notice tonight’s decoration? It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”


Always On The Phone

In western culture, most people consider it rude when you abruptly pick up your phone in the middle of a conversation. Try your best not to touch your gadgets while talking to someone else and be present. If you really need to use your phone, always remember to excuse yourself. 

So, those are some tips on how to network internationally. You can also use the tips to avoid awkward English conversation with a foreigner you just met, ET Mates.