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Business English Case Studies Micromine

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Business English Case Studies Micromine

Business English Case Studies Micromine: The great novelist C.S. Lewis once said that the job of the teacher is not to “cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” There is an art to delivering quality Business English Training to companies in Jakarta. It has to be done in such a way that the ‘deserts’ are not only ‘irrigated’ but that the dry sand is quickly transformed into a growing forest. The modern business environment in Jakarta is highly competitive and such competition is nowhere more obvious than in the mining industry.English Today was recently tasked with teaching the staff of an Australian owned mining software company operating in Jakarta. MICROMINE develops mining software solutions spanning the entire mining process from geological exploration and 3D mine design to mine production management, mine production control and data management solutions. Micromine understood the need for its staff to be able to confidently use professional business English communication and it turned to English Today to meet that need.

English Today provided Mr. Joe as the teacher because of his many years of experience in business English communication. Coming from a background in the food service industry, Mr. Joe was well versed in all aspects of formal and social business English communications and was able to pass these skills quickly and effectively on to the staff at Micromine.

In fact, English Today’s comprehensive training program (combined with Mr. Joe’s extensive experience) was so affective that Micromine’s Indonesia CEO Myke Jones remarked:

“English Today’s Sales / Presentation has had a tangible affect on each student and their sales have increase as a result of the training.”

The Key to Success

The key to their Business English Training success was the reliance not on theory and grammatical functions the students would little understand and certainly never use, but on real-world communication; real-world examples that the students encounter every day in their working environment. Combined with Mr. Joe’s passion for motivating students to reach their best and English Today’s world class materials, the training proved an overwhelming success.

Objectives & Overview

The staff at Micromine Indonesia underwent a 30 hour training course aimed at improving two main areas:

  • Business English skills

  • Presentation and public speaking skills

Their trainer, Mr. Joe, worked on an approach that would guarantee quick and permanent results. Students were trained using an immersive environment where business English was taught using only real-world scenarios (rather than dry text-book formulas they would never use and only serve to drain their confidence). The material covered in the course included:

  • Two secrets that will guarantee your audience is locked into your presentation right from the start.
  • How to spot disinterest or boredom warning signs in an audience and how to quickly win them back.
  • How to turn your dry and technical presentation into a story structure that gets your audience quickly involved.

  • What English to use to get your audience interested in your product and get that sale.
  • Understanding the difference between business English (formal and informal) and social English (for when you need to be professional with customers and when you need to socialize with them).

Micromine’s improvement in sales and the obvious increase in the sales team confidence clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the teaching. This is the difference between a training provider who teaches your staff from a text book and a training provider who teaches you from years of passionate experience.

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February 19, 2020

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