Native Speaker English Trainer | Australian

  • TEFL Certificate
    Teaching English as a Foreign Language

  • Bachelor Degree of English Literature Study
    University of Queensland (3.5 Hons)

  • Teacher Excellency Certificate
    Wallstreet English Jakarta, Indonesia

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Native Speaker English Trainer

What’s the difference between a good teacher and an  outstanding teacher? This question has been obsessing me  for over a decade now. Sure, there are plenty of good  teachers but rarely does an outstanding teacher come  along and actually transform the way a language is  learned. I believe I have discovered the key to delivering  powerful and effective classes. I believe I have captured  the essential ingredient to creating outstanding learning  environments. Passion!


English Today, Director of Studie

  • Became Director of Studies and program designer
  • Designed a range of different syllabuses to suit different corporate objectives
  • Has taught a variety of VIPs including the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Successfully ran workshops focused on such diverse topics as report writing, negotiations and presentations
  • Designed and ran a series of interactive Fun English Camps
  • Has taught across a wide range of industries from mining and finance to airlines and advertising
  • Taught a series of teacher-training workshops on behalf of the governor of Bangka Belitung
  • Was tasked with designing course syllabuses and teaching workshops to Indonesian ASEAN delegates and Sekretariat Negara (Kemensetneg) representatives
  • Runs intensive presentation and public speaking workshops

Wall Street English, Centre Manager

  • Became manager at the Pondok Indah centre
  • Designed and implemented a variety of student-focused English social clubs
  • Assessed student progress and implemented improvement measures

Pinnacle Learning Centre, Manager

  • Designed nation-wide program syllabus
  • Taught intensive Business English workshops in Medan, Surabaya, Malang, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Makassar and Jakarta
  • Ran and taught an entire Corporate English workshop series across Indonesia