Business English For Sales & Purchasing

English for Sales and Purchasing is for people who need to  communicate effectively with International clients and colleagues.  Although sales and purchasing pursue different objectives within a business, both roles require fluent business English to achieve their goals. Buyers and sales people manage international clients,  deal with foreign suppliers, attend international exhibitions, draw up proposals, and deal with all manner of complaints and enquiries. 

English for Sales and Purchasing presents all the essential  expressions and conversation techniques that will enable you to  communicate successfully in all these situations.

English Today’s training presents realistic situations tor  sales and purchasing. It covers an overview of the core activities within the purchasing and sales environment and focuses on specific themes, including approaching a new client or selecting potential suppliers, the conception and development of proposals, the preparation and realization of negotiations, tying up orders and deliveries, and dealing with or making complaints.

Every lesson begins with a Starter to introduce the topic. This is followed by dialogues, reading texts, and authentic documents as  well as a variety of exercises designed to aid the learning of important vocabulary and phrases in contextual situations.

Unit 1

Jobs and responsibilities


  • Job titles and tasks
  • A sales marketing
  • A requisition

Useful Language & Information

  • Talking about your job
  • Talking about goals, objectives and targets
  • Telephoning language

Unit 2

New contacts


  • At a trade fair
  • Relationship building
  • Follow-up emails

Useful Language & Information

  • Being polite
  • Establishing contact at a trade fair
  • Small-talk strategies
  • Email conventions and phrases

Unit 3



  • A sales pitch
  • The AIDA approach to sales
  • A request for proposal
  • An offer letter

Useful Language & Information

  • Offers, tenders, and bids
  • Talking about a product
  • The tendering (or bidding) process
  • Active listening
Business English For Sales & Purchasing

Unit 4



  • Tips for successful negotiations
  • A company visit
  • Negotiating styles
  • Win-win negotiations

Useful Language & Information

  • Discussing terms and conditions (conditional sentences)
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Starting and ending negotiation

Unit 5



  • Telephone orders
  • An online order
  • A change to an order
  • Number and figures
  • Contract terms and phrases

Useful Language & Information

  • Exchanging information
  • Handling orders
  • Referring numbers in an order

Unit 6

Customer Care


  • Dealing with problems over the telephone and in writing
  • An online complaint form

Useful Language & Information

  • Complaining effectively
  • Complaint management with CASH
  • Letters of complaint and apology