5 Reasons Why We Need English-Speaking Communities

What makes language learning fun? It could be the new vocabulary and phrases that make you look cool when you use them, which is true. However, what makes language learning fun is the main purpose why people want to speak the language. Yup! To communicate! 

We all have this exciting feeling when we first speak in English with native English speakers. That feeling when we finally break the barrier that limits us to communicate with the same species of the human being. The good news is we can have a community to practice with. Furthermore, a community is more than just a bunch of people in a group, ET Mates. As a matter of fact, community helps you grow in many aspects, such as:

Helps you stay inspired

5 Reasons Why We Need English-Speaking Communities

Having yourself surrounded with positive people with the same goal helps you to stay inspired and focus on what you want to achieve at the same time. If you want to be fluent in English, you might want to be with people who are on the same page. Those who would speak the language and discuss anything about English consistently. The activities that we repeat almost every single time will become our nature — something we’ll do effortlessly.



5 Reasons Why We Need English-Speaking Communities

Humans are social beings, which means that we need to interact with other people. However, it is essential to have a healthy circle, ET Mates. Now, what does a healthy circle look like? A healthy circle is constructive where the people will show you what’s right when you are wrong and appreciate you when you do something decent. A healthy circle will not give a soul-crushing comment about what you wore yesterday. They understand and support you wholeheartedly. 

Also, in a community, you get to know people you haven’t met before. These people may have different backgrounds, come from different cities or even countries, and share different thoughts from you. And that’s the most exciting part, ET Mates! Everything looks new.


Speak up and listen 

5 Reasons Why We Need English-Speaking Communities

Apart from helping you speak more English, in a community you can also learn to listen more. In a community, everyone wants to speak up, of course. However, when someone is speaking, the others are listening. In this listening time, you can get more ideas, references, and understand the way people think. Moreover, at some point, there’s a light-bulb moment when you realize that your opinion is not always the right one. 


International atmosphere5 Reasons Why We Need English-Speaking Communities

It’s like living in a whole different country! When you have a community where the people speak English all the time, you’ll get used to it. So, in the future, you know how to react or answer in English naturally.


It’s fun

5 Reasons Why We Need English-Speaking Communities

Usually, in an English-speaking community, we’ll talk about a bunch of life aspects such as business, cultures, movies, or how to make a new amendment for your country. It’s another way to learn English! Learning English is not always about grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. Learning English is also learning about life and seeing the world as it is, ET Mates.

Sounds fun, huh? So, instead of scrolling through  social media for hours, why don’t you find your community now? You can always find one, ET Mates! And see how it brings growth in your life.