Learning Media for Business English and Tips to Master This Skill

Learning anything will be more effective if it is supported by appropriate media. It is the same case if we want to learn business English. Moreover, if you join an English course whose students are competent and ambitious, you need to be more diligent. You can study by utilizing any media to support your learning process.

Then, what if you are the teacher who should teach your students with different personalities and capabilities? If you are the teacher and you are supposed to teach business English to your competent students, you need to provide any interesting media. You can also introduce the media to your students so that they can utilize the media when learning independently outdoors. Then, if you are confused about what media you should use, you can see the discussion below.


Some Learning Media for Business English That You Can Use

If your profession is being a business English teacher, mastering general lessons about business is not enough. Of course, you also need to be more creative and innovative in conducting your class so that the learning activities will be more interesting for students. 

The right learning media can speed up the process of understanding the material

The right learning media can speed up the process of understanding the material

One of the things you can do is provide interesting media for learning business. Let’s see the media below!

1. Business Podcast

Nowadays, podcasts become effective media for sharing useful information, or for entertaining people, or for providing various knowledge. Of course, you can utilize the media for teaching business English effectively and efficiently. It can help your students train their listening comprehension, and they can also enrich vocabulary from this activity.

Some of the applications that you can download for your teaching activities are Google Play Music, Apple Podcast, or CastBox. If you have downloaded the applications, you can just search for what you need, for example by using the keyword ‘Business English’ or ‘Business Podcast’.

In the classroom, you can introduce this media to your students, then give them some assignments about business cases. Ask them to listen to a certain podcast and then they have to answer the questions you share. They can do the assignment individually or cooperatively, depending on the type of the assignments.


2. TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design)

TED is one of learning references that provide a collection of conversations from experts, business leaders, artists, or other influencers. TED’s mission is sharing ideas to all people around the world and providing the media for discussion of particular issues or topics. There are a lot of videos you can watch there, and some of those have duration within eighteen minutes, so it won’t be boring to watch.

In that media, there are many options of translation that are free to access. Therefore, you can find any videos that you or your students need in the classroom. 

Then how to use this medium? See the list below to know the ways to use TED as a medium for learning or teaching business English.

  • Search for relevant videos for your teaching or based on students’ needs.
  • If the duration of the video is too long, you can focus on the important one, and skip other parts which are unnecessary.